Stuart Walker UI/UX

Stuart Walker UI/UX


Browser Extension Design

Bookmark is a clean, easy to use chrome extension which allows you to easily manage your bookmarks, create new ones or share them with your friends.

Discovery and Sketching

The main goal I wanted to achieve with bookmark was to allow the users to manage their information quickly and efficiently. When I was wireframing, I had in mind that I wanted to get rid of the long bookmark menu below the url field to maximise the screen real estate the user has to browse with.

Fixing The Problem

This image shows the extent of the problem with google chrome's bookmarking system. When you have multiple bookmarks, it turns into dropdown menu hell.

Brand Identity

The straight lines of the logo tie in nicely with the core goal of offering a straightforward and seamless chrome extension.

Creating A Bookmark

I used material design so that the chrome extension would fit in nicely with the google chrome experience. The use of white space means the information takes center stage in the extension.

Managing Bookmarks

Icons with captions was the clear choice to enable users to execute their tasks without any obstacles. The editing panel only appears when the user requires it which adheres to the principle of allowing the information to stand out.

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