Stuart Walker UI/UX

Stuart Walker UI/UX

Extinct Anatomies

Logo and Website Development

Extinct Anatomies is a photography business founded by Harryson Heidrich. I was asked to design the logo and build a portfolio website to showcase his work. We are also working on some short films together.

The Brief

  • Create an ultra minimilistic website to exhibit portfolio photos
  • The website must leave a sense of mystery on the homepage
  • Design a logo with the clients direction

The Logo

The logo was the first thing I looked at. The theory was that once the logo was finalised, the direction for the website design would become a lot more clear. The client's vision for the logo included a victorian sketch of an eye. This was to be combined with the mysterious feel of the website design.

After some discussion, we both agreed the logo required a modern influence as well. After trying a few different things, the modern aesthetic required was directed towards the pupil of the eye. In the end we chose a very full and flat eye which resembled graffiti style painting.

Website Design

Even after the design of the logo was finalised, there was still no obvious inspiration for the website. And I have to say, this was hands down one of the most difficult designs I have worked on. My natural reaction was to plaster the front page with large beautiful images to capture the viewers interest but this did not fit the client's brief.

After many iterations, we finally decided on a design. Because of the minimal amounts of information, the logo took center stage along with the styling of the fonts.

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