Stuart Walker UI/UX

Stuart Walker UI/UX


iOS App Design

Pace was designed for casual runners who aren't interested in tracking their stats and just want to listen to good music whilst getting fit.

Discovery and Sketching

Pace tracks your speed and matches the perfect song to your running tempo to keep you motivated.

Brand Identity

There are a number of options when it comes to fitness applications. To stand out I used a modern clean design with punchy colours to catch the eye.


Although the app only has one predominate function, it won't be familiar to everyone. For that reason, I decided to use an onboarding section after signing up to give a short insight into what the app is about.

Main Screens

The core philosophy of the app is to offer a unique running application to people who aren't bothered about the stats and just want to have the right music at the right time. This required a clean aesthetic for the general design. Whilst running it's difficult to use fiddly controls. I catered to this requirement by keeping the dashboard well spaced out with minimal buttons. The user can choose at what interval they want Pace to check their speed and resync the music with their running tempo. In this example, Pace is resyncing after every mile.

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