Stuart Walker UI/UX

Stuart Walker UI/UX

Learning Resources

Take a look at some of these fantastic resources I have accumulated over the years. Of course in this industry, it's important to stay up to date with new and emerging technologies so this area will continue to grow as I do.

Learning to Code


One of the first resources I used to learn to code. Travis Neilson has a very well structured channel which provides you with the foundations to actually build something. I spent many hours watching and rewinding his videos to build my first website.


One of the most professional resource you can use to learn to code. They are constantly updating their library of videos to keep up to date with the newest technology. Its a paid subscription but well worth it. They also have a great blog with topics covering all current trends.


A really brilliant set of interactive tutorials you can work through to learn to code. Its also a completey free service which you can use as many times as you want!


A vast array of courses ranging all areas of coding including front-end and back-end. Scott Tolinski, the host for a lot of the videos is a great teacher who will get you coding in no time.

Learning to Design

Mackenzie Child

Mackenzie has launched a number of video series teaching people how to code and design on his website and youtube. I really love his design video walkthroughs and how he explains his decision making throughout. There is a lot more coming from this guy, watch his space!

Sketch App TV

If you are a sketch app user, then sketch app tv is obviously for you. Maex provides some great examples of design work and how you can combine sketch with other software to make working prototypes.


Design Review

A really interesting podcast which breaks down popular applications and analyses the good parts and the bad parts. From a UX stand point, its really useful.

Trav and Los

Late nights with trav and los is a mixture of debates talking about just about anything. The most important discussions for me were related to creativity and working efficiently. This podcast feels like you’re sitting down with two mates and just having a blather.

Blogs, Books and Articles

Elements of User Experience: User-Centered Design for the Web and Beyond

Elements of User Experience

This is a great book for people to read when first starting out with UX. It covers a lot of the foundational concepts and explains them with some great examples.

Invision Blog

I’m not quite sure how they churn out so many posts, but they do, and they’re great. Anything new in the design world, invision is probably talking about. They also have a great bunch of email courses you can sign up for including for example, UX Princples.


One of the best blogging platforms out there. There is a vast array of great designers posting information about current trends. If you want to stay up to date, then you should be on Medium regularly.


Casey Neistat

A huge inspiration to me and so many other people. His channel isn’t strictly about creativity but more about making the most of life. Saying that though, he does own a social networking app platform. He is all about working hard to achieve your dreams. And he isn’t kidding, he has “work harder” tattoed on his arm!

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