Stuart Walker UI/UX

Stuart Walker UI/UX


iOS App Design

Trakr is an iOS application which offers management over your favourite tv shows and notifications when new episodes are released. I have designed the userflow and the UI.

Application Goals

  • Create an environment in which users can keep track of their favourite shows
  • Offer an experience which avoided excessive micro management
  • Allow users to focus on the content they love


The first thing you should know is that I am a huge fan of tv shows and movies. The idea for this application grew out of frustation for the lack of options available today to monitor what you have and haven't watched. I recently went as far as making a trello board to monitor my favourite shows.

Discovery and Sketching

The process started by recording all the ideas I brainstormed with pen and paper. These included various features, potential obstacles, user goals and application navigation. This naturally led to sketching out some wireframes to start to get an idea of how this application would be layed out.

User Flow

Before getting into the aesthetics of the design, I wanted to have a clear idea of how the user will navigate their way through the application. I kept everything quite simple at this stage to try and nail the most important aspects of the application.

Low Fidelity Mock Up

I spent quite a lot of time in this area. I wanted to make sure that the information architecture was correct. I also wanted to make sure I was starting to achieve some of the application goals. The goal I was most focused on was creating an environment which required minimal management on the users part. As a potentional user of this applicaiton, I remained very aware that people would rather spend more time watching their favourite tv shows than managing what they have and haven’t watched.

High Fidelity Mock Up

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